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2014-11-25 Wohnung zu vermieten! Achtung, wenn Sie solche E-Mails erhalten. Alles klingt glaubwürdig, ist jedoch Betrug und die Wohnung gibt es nicht, oder der Besitzer ist ein ganz ein anderer .... Das Grundbuch kann Auskunft geben.

  Di, 25. November 2014 16:03

Betrugsversuch um an das Geld zu kommen. Die Wohnung existiert nicht oder ist zumindest nicht zu vermieten oder der Eigentümer ist ein anderer. !

 Teil 1:

Anfang der weitergeleiteten E‑Mail:

Von: Reissen …….
Datum: 17. November 2014 16:02:39 MEZ
An: Barbara D……… <barbara
Betreff: Re: Laurenzgasse


Sorry for my late response, but I was very busy at work. Anyway, thank you for your interest in renting my apartment.
The apartment is available in this moment and I can rent it for short or long term. between 3 months and 10 years. I honestly prefer a long term contract to avoid looking for another tenant.
The utilities (water, electricity, WiFi, digital TV, one parking space) are included in the rent of 500 EUR/month.
2 Months Deposit ( 1000 EUR ) required , and refundable when you move out. If you want to move before the end of the contract, we would need three months notice.

About Apartment:

This 2 rooms apartment is general renovated located in in a quiet and central location in Laurenzgasse 3, 1050 Wien.
Has a spacious living room with kitchenette, a bedroom with adjoining walk-in closet, a bathroom, a toilet, a hall and a storage room. Fully equipped kitchen, modern bathroom with shower and washing machine connection, separate WC. In the living room parquet floor was laid in wet rooms bright tiles have been used. A cellar is also located in the house.
The property offers the ideal infrastructure and best transport links. In the immediate vicinity of the Wiedner Hauptstrasse is with countless shops for everyday needs.

Public transport links:
Underground line U1 "Südtirolerplatz"
S-Bahn "Matzleinsdorfer Platz", "Sudtirolerplatz"
Bus 12A, 14A
Tram 1, 18, 62

Now, a little bit about myself: My name is Reissen Mejia and I'm a 56 years old and and work as financial manager in England.
The apartment was bought for our daughter during her studies and internship in Wien.
Her option was to continue in Wien but i found a better option here in England and now has a permanent work contract.
I don`t want to sell it because never know in the future what will be my daughter option so we decided to rent it to someone who can take care of it, also real estate prices have fallen quite far.

Unfortunately, me and my wife job don't allow us to do any traveling for the next few months, so we are not be able to come and meet you, but I already found the solution to solve this problem.

If you do not mind some details about yourself would be appreciated. I would like to know how many persons you intend to share the flat, and for how long.

I apologize if you found boring my message but I wanted to clarify and point all aspects.

Thank you

Reissen Mejia
Sunningdale, Ruette de la Pompe
St Martin, GY4 6TL


Teil 2:

Von meinem iPhone gesendet
Anfang der weitergeleiteten E‑Mail:

Von: Reissen Mejia
Datum: 17. November 2014 19:24:21 MEZ
An: Barbara D…….. <barbara
Betreff: Re: Laurenzgasse

First of all, nice to meet you.
The apartment have Central heating on Gas.
I am in England as i have told you and unfortunately my job don't allow me to do any traveling for the next few months, so I will not be able to come and meet you personally for a while.
Rent/month is €500 including operating cost + 2 months deposit ( 1000 € ).
No extra costs or taxes.
Since we do not know any person close to us in Wien where to send the keys, before my daughter leaving Austria I had prearranged the deal with a real estate agency so my presence in Austria isn't necessary. They will take care of all including rental contract.
Meldezette will be made if you need it.
You can visit their website: ………… ……..

The cost for you to use their service is free.

In order to start the transaction, i will need your complete name, shipping address ( street, postal code, city ), phone number, date of birth, period of rent and a copy from your ID for the rental contract.
Thank you
PS. If you are decided to view the apartment let me know because there is another person interested in reserving it!


Der Anbieter ist nach dem beigefügten Foto anscheinend ein netter, jüngerer Mann, der seine Wohnung in Wien vermieten will. Doch er will nur eines: Ihr Geld!!!! Ein Foto von irgend jemandem kann jedermann seiner E-Mail anfügen. Der Hinweis, dass der Anbieter  noch andere Interessenten hat, soll den pontentiellen Mieter veranlassen, rasch zu handeln, um die Wohnung mieten zu können ..... ein "Schnäppchen", denn um 500 € bekommt man so ein Objekt nicht!!! Hände weg, von solchen Geschäften!

In diesem Fall konnte die betroffene Person durch ein proNACHBAR Mitglied noch gewarnt bzw. davon abgehalten werden.


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