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Security is everyone's responsibility!

This is a  short presentation of the proNEIGHBOR organisation and idea. For comments please use the FORUM or send us an e-mail.

Security is everyone's responsibility!

Do you feel safe?  Can you measure security or is it just a gut feeling? We appreciate if we are able to contribute actively. Group activities appear to be more effective, we do feel "safer".

The Austrian organization proNEIGHBOUR aims to improve the individual perception of safety and has been operating successfully for more than 7 years free from any political influence.

The work is based on a three pillar strategies:

  • INFORMATION - is provided on our Website (, the latest news and reports (on criminal activities in your district?) are distributed to our members via email. District coordinators take care of your case and are available for personal talks and will also pass on your observations if you agree. Last but not least basic information will be shared with a bigger audience.
  • PREVENTION - Incorporating the neighbourhood and interested citizens is the main focus, as well as close cooperation with authorities and private initiatives in order to be able to actively prevent crime.
  • COMMUNICATION - is the main focus of proNEIGHBOUR! Communication is necessary for all activities mentioned above no matter if within the organization or regarding cooperation with authorities and other partners! Means of communication are online forms, our telephone-hotline, email, the proNEIGHBOUR district coordinators and the „the neighbour talk over the fence".

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