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The Idea

The goal is to develop an organization of citizens, which - supported by politics and in close collaboration with the police - effectively interferes with and prevents burglary and is capable of protecting your property effectively and long term.

The Goal

is to reduce criminal activities and to increase the feeling of security within the population.

Criminal activities should concern everybody and not only the affected people!

The Method

  • direct the attention of citizens towards criminal activities in your close environment
  • inform citizens about criminal activities in your neighborhood/district
  • inform authorities about observations made
  • inform citizens about the latest techniques applied by burglars and how one can protect him/herself against it
  • inform citizens about preventive measures against burglary
  • develop action plans in collaboration with the police for criminal "highlights"?
  • improve neighbourhood contacts


  • Increased awareness and sensitivity to improve one's own security
  • Increased attention and confidence to take over responsibility


  • Improved and active collaboration of citizens and the police
  • Increased solidarity within the neighbourhood
  • Substantial improvement of one's quality of life at home and at work
  • Up to date information available for improved protection of your property against burglary and any sort of crime



How well am I protected? Where is the weak point in my home? Where should I store my valuables? What should I do if my neighbour's alarm goes off? May I use a weapon?



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