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July 3, 2014: Press release: proNACHBAR brings top experts to Vienna

2014-07-03 / Press-Release: Top Expert in Vienna

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proNACHBAR brings top experts to Vienna

Marcel Zethoven, world-renowned specialist for „community policing" speaks at the kick-off of the umbrella organization of the European Neighbourhood Watch Associations in Vienna.

Vienna, July 3, 2014. The Dutch Marcel Zethoven is a world-renowned expert for „community policing". With his company "VAZ Global" he is involved in security projects in many parts of the world (amongst others in South Africa, Middle East, Sweden, Latvia). proNACHBAR is very proud that Zethoven will speak at the kick-off of the umbrella organization of European Neighbourhood Watch Associations (EUNWA), which takes place in Vienna from October 23rd until October 24th. The EUNWA was founded by proNACHBAR as the umbrella organization for European associations committed to neighborhood security. 30 representatives from 17 countries will attend this kick-off meeting.  The organizing committee has been in contact with the future EUNWA members for some weeks informing them by regular newsletters about the founding progress.

Another part of the EUNWA network is the Austrian Scientific Community. The Institute for the Sociology of Law and Criminology also occupies itself with the topics of security and society. Reinhard Kreissl, scientific director of the institute, will speak about his recent research.

Besides science, also the insurance industry will participate in the kick off. Commenting on EUNWA's foundation, Norbert Griesmayr, CEO of VAV Versicherungs AG, says, "Well-informed, prudent citizens make an important contribution to the prevention of property crimes. Education and integration of citizens have a great impact: The number of delicts declines demonstrably - among other reasons due to increased safety precautions. This causes insurance companies to spend less in damages, resulting in reduced premiums for customers". VAV Versicherung is a long-term supporter of proNACHBAR.

Karl Brunnbauer, who founded proNACHBAR in 2008 in Wien-Speising, sees immense advantages in international networking: "Crimes - and especially house burglaries -  cross all boarders. It is crucial that we exchange and share information." In the 6 years since the beginning of proNACHBAR this association has built up a close-knit citizen's network with over 6,000 members. ProNACHBAR is also active outside Vienna in other Austrian provinces. "Our wide network and quick information exchange about property crimes have great preventive effects", Brunnbauer explains.

The EUNWA kickoff event is under the patronage of the Austrian Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner.


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